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netCut 1.5 is a program that can disconnect users on the same LAN
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Would you believe that you can simply disconnect any user on your local area network from the internet without knowing any passwords; with just a few clicks? Without installing any remote administrator application?
You will not believe that this is possible until you give this program a try. The program is based on the weaknesses of the "ARP" protocols. This program can be used by malicious users to annoy or make fun of their friends on their home or work network. However, it can be useful for network administrators who want to cut the internet connection of the users who misuse the network or consume a lot of traffic. The program can also be used by network administrators to test whether their networks are vulnerable to "ARP" attacks or not. The program has a function that can enable the protection of the same computer's internet connection from being cut by any users running NetCut 1.5 or similar applications. The program depends on an application called "winPcap" which will be automatically installed during the application's setup. This version provides new features that are not found on versions earlier to 1.5 such as the quick LAN search features,the Print IP and MAC Hostname table. However it doesn't contain some features that are found on the 2.0.8 version such as the compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000, compatibility with secure switches, the task-bar Icon and many bug fixes.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Doesn't require any programs to be installed on the remote computers.
  • Ability to choose a NIC to use


  • Works within your local network only.
  • Less features than the newer version (2.0.8).
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista
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