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Gives control over a local network and protects from ARP attacks
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Control the local network and see the computers currently connected to it, disconnect users and resume their connections or safeguard your PC from ARP attacks.

NetCut is a program that demonstrates the exploits of the "ARP" protocol. ARP exploits can allow any user on the same local network to pretend to be the network's gateway instead of your router, which will enable a hacker to interrupt your Internet connection or spy on all the data packets being transferred from and to your computer.

When you open NetCut, it will prompt you to choose which network adapter you need to control, then it will display a list of connected LAN computers. If you cannot find the computer you are looking for, then you can use the "find" function or the "scan" function of the program. You can disconnect one or more users from the Internet by selecting them and clicking the "Cut Off" buttons and you can re-enable their Internet connect again by clicking the "Resume" button. There is also an option that enables you to protect your local computer from ARP attacks, which is a very useful feature. The program's interface is very easy, and it minimizes to the systems tray when you click the minimize icon.

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  • Protects your computer from ARP exploits
  • Disconnects any computer on your LAN


  • It can be used used maliciously
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